The girl

After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and semi-diagnosed (have been told my symptoms suggest that I have it) with OCD, I have made the decision to write about it.

I’ve been really inspired and motivated by blogs like Daisies and Bruises, and have realised that there are benefits to talking to other people who are feeling/have felt the same. Whilst I am choosing to stay anonymous, I hope that you will feel open enough to share your worries, tips and thoughts on my posts.

I’m no expert of any kind and I do not profess to have the ability to help anyone. This is purely an outlet for my mind; for the times I don’t feel like talking in person.

Some boring facts about me

  • I was first diagnosed with depression around 3 years ago, however I believe I have had it for much longer than that
  • My obsessions are more thought-based – rather than carrying out repetitive actions I tend to have the same thoughts over and over
  • I am in full-time employment, live at home with my parents, and am saving up with my partner so that we can buy our own place
  • I love reading, tea, Grimm and animals
  • I write for a few lifestyle websites in my spare time
  • I take medication for my mental health issues
  • I’m due to start therapy with with the NHS for my anxiety and OCD soon


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