I relish the idea of getting into my bed of an evening, maybe a little more than I should but it’s my ultimate comfort zone. Tea, bed and Netflix – a recipe for success. And yet whilst this routine makes me feel relaxed just thinking about it, I often find nighttimes the worst for my… Read More Nights


(**Trigger warning: mentions of self-harm and suicide. Please do not read this if it is going to upset you or affect you badly. That’s not my intention – I only want to express my feelings, tell my story.) (Please also note that I do not blame my mum for anything in my life; for how… Read More 100


I’m not having a good day. By about 8pm last night I started feeling anxious about the following day and was already dreading my alarm going off in the morning. The thought of leaving the house for a whole day to go into work and act like a normal human being seemed near on impossible.… Read More 18/05/17