Pure O

I hadn’t heard of this expression until about an hour ago, but boy oh boy has it opened my eyes.

Although I have been 99% sure that I have OCD, some small part of me doubted it because I don’t have any major, obvious compulsions i.e. the physical part of OCD. I do pick and scratch at myself and I am incredibly sensitive to noise and repetitive sounds – but I don’t have any of the usual suspects such as cleaning or counting.

I just came across this really helpful article on OCD UK’s website, which breaks down the obsession and the compulsion side of this disorder. Not having a compulsion (a physical response) does not mean that you do not have OCD. What is more likely is that you have Pure O – obsessive and intrusive thoughts that cause you to complete ‘unseen mental rituals’. Basically what I have been doing over the last 2 months – constantly thinking about the issue over and over and over again until I become depressed and anxious.

It feels like I’m learning new things all of the time about this mental disorder. It feels like if I really try to educate myself and have faith I can get better.

Below is the link to the article.



  1. This is my main issue as well. I have done CBT and Mindfulness for Anxiety groups. Both were difficult but helpful! If this is my second comment I apologize my phone screwed up while posting and I’m not sure if it posted or not.
    Thanks for sharing this. It took me 20 years to figure out this was my problem and my thoughts were too disgusting to tell anyone about. I wasn’t diagnosed until I had an anxiety episode that left me unable to leave the house due to panic attacks.
    Thanks for sharing and bringing more awareness to this little known part of OCD.


    1. So great to hear that you are doing better – it gives me hope! I start CBT next week and have heard nothing but good things about it, so fingers crossed I will find it helpful. You sound as though you have been through quite a journey – well done for coming through it. You’re stronger than you think. xx

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